About Comma5 CRM

The most challenging part of getting any application working in a business is user uptake.

If your CRM is not used religiously each day then it will not be effective. For this reason, we’ve created a Comma5 CRM that is not only easy to use, but we’ve focused on what users need to make their jobs easier – regardless of their role in your business.

We’ve assisted many businesses in achieving their CRM goals, which typically include improving sales and customer service.

Our key differentiator as a CRM company (there are many out there 🙂 is our relationships with our customers. We continually work with them to ensure constant innovation of our application to meet with their dynamic needs.

For most organisations, sales is the bottom line – but we beg to differ. Your CUSTOMER IS THE BOTTOM LINE. It’s imperative that you provide new and existing customers with an exceptional experience when they deal with your organisation – regardless of the “touch-point” or who they deal with.

Get More customers Keep your customers Anywhere, anytime on any device

Comma5 CRM™ is a cloud-based, modular customer relationship management system for managing your company’s interactions with current and future customers.

Automate and synchronise your key customer touch points, keeping your customer at the centre of your CRM universe.

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Easily store and find contact information. Track interactions with both contacts and companies.


Generate new business and clientele. Measure effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.


Pipeline management & forecasting. Produce professional quotations quickly.


Track sales orders, purchase orders and delivery of products and services to customers.


Convert quotations or orders to invoices with one click and benefit from automated debt collecting.


Keep track of expiry dates, equipment or annuity billing with automated contract management.

Service Desk

Capture and manage inbound service requests ensuring customer service excellence.


Team task management allows you to work seamlessly as a team, linking tasks to customers.


Every business is unique so we’ve ensured there’s enough built-in flexibility to allow you the functionality you require without needing custom development.

Value for money

We won’t break the bank regardless of whether you’re a small business or large corporation.

Easy to use

User uptake is the biggest issue with implementing any new system. We’ve kept things as simple and intuitive as possible, still allowing for powerful functionality.

Cloud based

Access your CRM from anywhere on any device at any time. Your data is always secure in our global tear-1 hosting centres.

Integrated Apps

Data integration is seamless between each Comma5 CRM app as well as Google Apps, Email and SMS.

Powerful Analytics

Customise your views, dashboards and automated reports using our filter tool to create any view of information you like.