Business Needs: Importance of Social Media Analytics

Business Needs: Importance of Social Media Analytics


Social media analytics, the process of analyzing social media content as well as data to provide insight from the millions of conversations. It is primarily useful for brands that wish to know about what the market or customers are saying about them on social media. Undoubtedly, it has immensely changed the way of using marketing to promote several offers and businesses. With the help of it, we now have an unprecedented opportunity of disseminating targeted messages through a plethora of channels and tools, in a cost free manner.

Let’s discuss about a number of ways of keeping the track of your data in order to get the most out of your campaigns.

This is such an amazing concept with the help of which you collect all kinds of information related to your social media pages. Obviously, you cannot keep a record of each and everything, so you have to plan well regarding the data that is more important to you, ignoring the ones that are least important.

A few advantages of analytics are mentioned below that can extremely help you out with your marketing.

· Examine the results along with the reach of your posts

· Analyze followers

· Save time

· Identify influencers

· Compare platforms

· Improve your ROI

Gathering a huge amount of data from social networks won’t help you. It is essential to choose a tool that can help you get acquainted with the information available to you. In simple words, you require something that can show you the economic impact of your marketing efforts have on your business. You can begin by taking the advantage of tools that are located right within the social media networks themselves.

Twitter analytics will tell you at a glance about your number of tweets, profile visits, tweet impressions, mentions as well as followers. Facebook insights gives you page post metrics like the number of people posts, reactions and clicks. LinkedIn provides analytical data related to company pages for example measuring your posts, engagement together with supplying information about your follower’s demographics.

Refer below the lists of major social networks:










Compare the effectiveness of all your social media accounts for your business. Statistics that are collected will help you out in tracking the latest trends, industry standards along with the interaction and engagement rates of it.

It is essential to track your data so as to produce better results through your campaigns. If you don’t track the data then you are definitely wasting your time on missing or hitting type campaigns. Social media analytics is mainly the difference between success and failure for obtaining the desired results.


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